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Attention : TransUnion Access Security Enhancements

Dear Subscriber

Please be advised that as of 12-Jun-2015, enhanced security features will be enabled on the TransUnion Auto website.
These security updates are in line with common best practice and are designed primarily to protect our subscribers. However we do need you to be aware of the following:

  1. Your password is now case sensitive. Please ensure that you pay particular attention to entering your password exactly as issued
  2. Your account will be locked out after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. If this occurs you will have to contact our customer services to have your account re- enabled

Should you have any queries in this regard or if you experience any difficulties logging in, please contact our customer services on 0861 507 507.

Yours sincerely

TransUnion Auto Team

With a heritage that stretches back over a century, TransUnion HPI is Southern Africa’s most experienced and leading provider of data based business intelligence. We develop and manage complex, multiple databases of relevant and current information on both consumers and businesses. In the process, we manage more data than any company in the risk information industry. Through the gathering and intelligent analysis of data from these databases and the harnessing of the latest technology, TransUnion HPI develops risk management tools, services and solutions that allow clients to make objective and effective business decisions that minimise their risk and maximise their growth opportunities.

TransUnion HPI is actively involved in facilitating better relationships between businesses and consumers in order to promote personal advancement, improved standards of living, economic growth and the improved prosperity of our region.