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Profits in fighting cheque fraud

CGS Financial Services, successful as a niche company aimed at guaranteeing cheque payments, had turned its talents to competing in SA’s booming cellphone market.

Started in 1996 as in inte...

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Way to guarantee validity of cheque payments

Cloning is the most prevalent form of cheque fraud in South Africa, but you can protect the integrity of your cheques by registering your cheque account details with a cheque-guarantee organisation...

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Cheque thefts increasing

The old excuse that “the cheque got lost in the post” might not be as far fetched as it used to be. Intercepting and stealing cheques sent in the mail is becoming increasingly common as thieves get...

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Taking the Credit

Applying for a loan?

Don’t know your credit status?

Lona Minton translates credit report gobbledegook  

In essenc...

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Sign At Your Own Risk

No fighting a signature

Elvis Ntombela says Equitac Commodity Brokers’ Holiday club took him for a ride. In August 2003 he received a call from a direct marketer ...

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