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   1. Manufacturer’s Code: Identifies manufacturer of vehicle.2. *Important – Use KM/Condition Adjustment Chart on Back Flap: A chart on the inside back cover of the Guide helps you adjust the listed trade and retail values according to odometer readings and vehicle condition.3. Manufacturer Name: Vehicle manufacturers are listed alphabetically.4. Year First Registered: The date when the vehicle was first purchased and registered.5. New List Price: Last recorded vehicle price in registration year (inclusive of VAT).6. H: Highest recorded price captured during data analysis.7. L: Lowest recorded price captured during data analysis.8. No: Number of vehicle transactions captured.9. T: Trade Value – the guide price for buying a vehicle.10. R: Retail Value – the guide price for selling a vehicle.11. Model Range: Identifies the manufacturer’s model range or variant.12. Model Variant: Identifies particulars of the model type.13. Engine Specifications: Identifies engine specs of vehicle model type (eg cylinder, cubic capacity and output).14. Style: Identifies style of car (eg C/B Cabriolet, C/P Coupe, F/B Fast Back, H/B Hatch Back, H/T Hard Top, MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle, R/V Recreation Vehicle, SAV Sport Activity Vehicle, S/D Sedan, S/W Station Wagon, SUV Sport Utility Vehicle).15. Introduction Date: Indicates the month and year the model variance was introduced.16. Optional Extras & Added Equipment: A chart on the inside back cover of the Guide helps you calculate the amount to be deducted from or added to vehicle trade and retail values.

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