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Verifications (Vehicle Enquiry Reports)

Every year, 140 000 vehicles are stolen in South Africa, and 50% of re-registered stolen vehicles are so professionally re-birthed that they’re never detected.* The insurance industry alone pays out roughly R1,5bn a year in claims, but the annual cost of vehicle theft and fraud to the public and motor industry is close to R8bn.

Reducing crime, risk and losses
Outstanding finance is the biggest risk associated with used cars, with 47% of cars enquired upon through TransUnion still subject to a finance agreement. By facilitating the sharing of vehicle information stored on the TransUnion database, Verifications gives the wider South African motor industry the power to reduce crime, risk and losses – and helps to improve business practices.

Act with confidence
TransUnion’s Vehicle Enquiry report helps you make accurate decisions quickly and with confidence. As a one-stop report, it puts a range of critical data at your fingertips – from primary identifiers to SAPS status. By accessing our wealth of information through the Vehicle Enquiry report, you can prevent the sale, auction, registration, financing and insuring of suspect, invalid or stolen vehicles.

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