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As Southern Africa's leading provider of information solutions to the automotive industry, we offer a diverse range of services in the areas of risk, fraud prevention, valuations and business process enhancement.
Our ability to deliver these solutions is enabled by three critical factors: our skills in managing current, accurate and reliable vehicle data; our ability to harness technology for the rapid delivery of information; and our proven expertise in managing e-business applications and processes. Our services are offered through these key areas:

Valuations (Dealers' Guides)
Providing you with accurate trade, retail and residual values of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles. All values are based on independent analysis of manufacturer and dealer information.

Verifications (Vehicle Enquiry Reports)
Helping you prevent the sale, auction, registration, financing and insuring of suspect, invalid or stolen vehicles. We manage accurate vehicle data, gathered from reputable sources and delivered to you through advanced technologies.

Management Applications
Automated applications designed to help dealers and traders increase efficiencies and revenue streams. Flexible and secure solutions for effective business management.

Your channel of communication to the wider auto industry, our range of Dealers' Guides assist you to tap into the consumer niche markets.

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