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Sample Report

   1. The Report is addressed to the subscriber who initiated the enquiry2. Information Supplied: Vehicle Information supplied by the subscriber to initiate the enquiry (fax, call centre, website ect.)3. Information Verified: The databse response to information supplied by the subscriber (see 2). 
The vehicle search result shows Match, No Match, or Partial Match against the VIN and Engine details supplied. Registered owner confirmation that is not yet available will appear as Not Confirmed4. TransUnion Reference Number: Please quote unique TransUnion Reference Number in all related enquiries
(see 17)5. The Enquiry Result can be positive or Negative. One of the following scenarios applies: 
 • Vehicle Recorded: Positive match. 
 • VIN Match Only: Positive match (full VIN); 
   Engine not matched.  
 • Vehicle Not Recorded: Negative match on both VIN &
   Engine. (We have no record of such vehicle.) 
 • Incomplete: Negative match on VIN; Engine matched. 
   (For negative matches: caution and additional 
   investigationis recommended.) 6. Information Registered By Manufacturer/Importer: Confirms accurate information, legal status and origin.  
(All Finance House Registrations confirm possibly suspect vehicle.)7. Finance Recorded: Financial interest currently recorded by agreement type (eg RI Rental Act, HH Hire Purchase Act, LF Lease Act, PL Personal Loan, FP Floor Plan, HA Instalment Sale Act).8. Stolen Interest Recorded: Vehicle reported as stolen or sought. 
Notify nearest SA Police Station.9. Alert Interest Recorded: Indicates the owner has Security Alert flagged the vehicle to pre-empt fraudulent sale or for tracking purposes (eg absconded, sought, stolen). 
Also indicates In-Transit Status (vehicle illegally in the RSA).10. Insurance Interest Not Recorded: TransUnion not advised, but vehicle possibly is insured. (Recorded indicates that vehicle is currently registered as insured.) 11. Microdot Recorded: Microdot Enhanced Security Application reference number and contact details to assist with positive vehicle identification. Refer queries to contact number provided12. Registration Number History: Advises the last three registration numbers received by TransUnion via enquiries.13. Enquiry History: Lists the last three enquiries by date to indicate enquiry activity.14. Mileage History: Lists the last three recorded mileages to illustrate mileage trend. (Reverse trend indicates interference with odometer.) 15. Where the database has no information and reports Not Recorded*, this indicates that the vehicle has not yet been reported to us, or is not known by us. 
Exercise caution. Request Customer Services assistance.16. Enquiry Verification Code: Enables exact recreation of the Report by unique reference number, time and date. It also enables the discovery of any fraudulent amendments to the Report. 17. On request, we will resolve any VIN or Engine number discrepancies between the database and vehicle registration documents with the manufacturer concerned at no additional cost.

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