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Often, related but non-core activities in the motor industry interfere with the smooth running of a business, tying up critical operating capital in unwanted expenses and paperwork. As a dealer, phoning around for traders who might be interested in your customer’s used car, for instance, is a time consuming process. Another example is the obligatory employer contributions to the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO). The admin involved in making MIBCO returns is costly, and you face financial penalties if you fall behind.

Management Applications offers two solutions that help motor industry players to manage their business more effectively.

TradeXchange is an online tender system for buying and selling used cars according to Dealer Group criteria. The solution was developed to help dealers maximise trade and retail profits, standardise trade processes across the group for good governance, improve their operational efficiencies and reduce lead times to sales.

Autolocator is an online retail system that helps the dealer to find buyers for their cars, and the public to find their dream cars without walking from store to store. Autolocator helps the dealer to sell their vehicles quicker and with less hassle.

For employers, Online Returns helps dealers to reduce their MIBCO admin costs through managing returns over the Internet. In two years, the subscriber base has grown from zero to over 2 000 employers, together processing returns for about 70 000 employees every month.

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